FJDynamics TRION™ P1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner


Whether you are a pro laser scanning professional or just 3D-curious, a stroll around any site with the FJD Trion P1 helps you to digitize your surroundings quickly and accurately.

FJDynamics TRION™ P1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner


SLAM-empowered lightweight handheld laser scanner for easy reality capture. Scan environments as you walk and create 3D models, floor plans and BIM. With an internal grip battery, it allows for a more balanced weight distribution, which not only enhances the overall using experience but also conforms to ergonomic principles.

What is the scanning range & accuracy of P1 LiDAR 3D Scanner?

Up to 2mm relative accuracy at a scanning distance of 1m to 40m. Data may be compromised with farther scans, and it is recommended that the scanner is at least 1m away from any object during a scan. It is 40m @10% reflectivity, 70m @80% reflectivity.

What software should be used to process the data collected by FJD Trion P1?

 The FJD Trion P1 generates universal point cloud formats like .las, .pcd, .pts, and .ply, and the data can be directly viewed and processed in by FJD Trion Model point cloud processing software. The .fjdslam format is used for post-processing through FJD Trion Model.

What scenarios is P1 Portable 3D Laser Scanner designed for? Does it work underground?

The P1 with a competitive LiDAR scanner price works well in feature-rich environments like most LiDAR scanners. For example, floor plans or 3D models for real estate/property assessment, disaster preparedness & recovery, forensic documentation, AEC, game design, urban planning/urban forestry and vegetation management, and robotics deployment. The P1 LiDAR 3D Scanner is designed for applications where speed and efficiency outweigh the level of accuracy required. In spaces where is no reference at all, and the features repeat, the P1 may not work as well due to the nature of LiDAR sensors.

Does P1 Portable 3D Laser Scanner support real-time processing? Can point clouds be processed in real time without a data logger?

Yes, scans can be viewed in real-time in FJD Trion Scan. The P1 with a competitive LiDAR scanner price stores and processes the data without the need of an external data logger.

How long does it take to download and process data captured by the P1?

The P1 LiDAR 3D Scanner takes about one third (1/3) of the scanning time to extract and process point cloud data. For example, a 15-minute scan will take about 5 minutes to process.


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Easy Reality Capture

Indoor, Outdoor, Underground, All Day Long

Indoor, Outdoor, Underground, All Day Long

Compact Yet Mighty

Reliable Accuracy

Incredible Range

What’s in the Packing Box?


ItemTrion P1
Weight1.05 kg
Scanning Range40m@10% reflectivity
Scanning Point Frequency200,000 points/second
Dimensions160 × 120 × 270 mm (excluding camera)
Camera Resolution5760 × 2880 @ 30 fps
Camera Field of View (FOV)180°
Protection ClassIP54
Number of Laser Heads1
Laser ClassEye-safety Class I
Relative AccuracyUp to 2mm
Storage Capacity512 GB
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ 45℃
Battery Life2H (grip battery, room temperature)

Application Scenarios