The Column Of Victory for Blenheim Palace

Drone Service Solutions were recently invited by David Green, Head Of Innovation at Blenheim Palace to conduct a Drone Inspection Survey and 3D Digital Twin Model of The Column of Victory at Blenheim Palace.  After careful planning the mission was flown on the 9th December 2022.  Flight Time was about 35 minutes total using one of our smaller drones, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, as The Column was at that time accessible to the public.  This particular drone was used to guarantee minimum noise disturbance and maximum safety, whilst still capturing highly detailed images of the column.

One of more than 250 images taken during the inspection and 3D Modelling mission

Immediately after the flight we delivered 250 High Quality Images of all aspects of The Column for the maintenance team to inspect, followed by the full 3D Digital Twin Model by the end of that day.  This enabled the team to quickly assess The Column and to spot any maintenance that was required.  

Compared to more traditional methods of inspection this 3D Drone Inspection delivered far more detail faster, more safety and at a greatly reduced cost.  Future missions will highlight any differences with this baseline and will give the team the opportunity to track any changes to The Column.

Close up of the 3D Digital Twin of The Column Of Victory at Blenheim Palace
Full 3D Digital Twin of the Column Of Victory
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